One of the largest membership organizations in the country, AARP sought a cohesive and customized CMS and mobile experience simple enough for all users to access and utilize. Siteworx responded with a unified, tailored solution that included a single source for content and tools to be leveraged across all digital properties and websites of both AARP and its partners. The new environment lets content authors ensure compatibility for all browsers and devices, optimize before posting, and customize experiences for user groups.

Working with Siteworx, AARP achieved a 6.1 month payback from their Adobe Experience Manager investment and gained the ability to better manage its online brand, deploy updates and provide a unified user experience regardless of device or browser. Today AARP can offer customized, timely and anytime/anywhere communications that serve branded products, services, news, information, advocacy and advice through multiple online and mobile channels.

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AARP is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization that helps people 50+ have independence, choice and control in ways that are beneficial and affordable to them and society as a whole.

AARP engaged Siteworx to help develop a multi-channel strategy that includes consulting, development and integration of the Adobe Experience Manager web content management solution – part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud – mobile user experience and front-end development. The non-profit organization was looking to have a single log-in for authenticated users, to better track user behaviors across all platforms, and to improve their agility in experimenting with, and deploying innovative digital business models.

Using a create-once, publish-everywhere model, Siteworx provided AARP a single source for content and tools that could be leveraged across all AARP digital properties, including other collaborator and partner websites. Siteworx created the publishing environment in Adobe Experience Manager (formerly known as Adobe CQ5), allowing AARP’s content authors to create content compatible for all browsers and devices. Authors can preview the content within Adobe Experience Manager’s preview tool for a specific browser or device and then customize the experience for that particular user group to ensure an optimized user experience.

The Siteworx process provided AARP the ability to better manage their online brand, deploy updates through a single source, and provide a unified user experience across all platforms. This included optimization for PCs, tablets, smartphones (iOS, Android) and other devices.


Today, AARP provides on-the-go access to member benefits effortlessly implementing native and hybrid (web/native) apps for numerous AARP digital properties. From dramatic improvements in mobile traffic, to numerous awards for design and experience, Siteworx has enabled AARP to provide customized, anytime, anywhere connections with members and business partners while achieving measurable return on investment (ROI) from every digital investment. Learn more about our work for AARP, get the Independent Research report, The Total Economic Impact of Engaging Siteworx for Adobe Experience Manager (Adobe CQ).

  • Helping Content Authors Optimize Across Browsers and Devices

    With mobile adoption exploding across all ages and demographics, AARP’s content authors recognize the importance of making sure that the content they publish is portable and easily accessible regardless of the device their members choose. But optimizing the experience for multiple devices was no easy task, given the limitations of their legacy content authoring environment. With the Adobe CQ5 preview tool, content authors can now customize the experience for a specific browser or device to ensure an optimized user experience.

  • A Model for Improving Member Service – 2011 Adobe Max Award Finalist

    The AARP mobile experience has achieved widespread recognition as a model for how to improve member service by using robust content authoring and publishing technologies. In fact, the implementation was recognized in 2011 as a finalist in the Engaging Customers Category by the Adobe Max Awards, an annual competition that recognizes the best use of Adobe software for creating digital experiences.