XConnect: A B2B Manufacturing Website Analysis

In today’s B2B world, the customer experience is everything. This report shows you how to craft a site that delivers an experience tailored the B2B manufacturing buyer.


To better help B2B manufacturers craft superior digital experiences, Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management and Siteworx conducted an extensive study to hone in on exactly which website attributes customers find the most important. Part of the study drew from surveys given to Manager-level or higher procurement decision makers who ranked the importance of a supplier’s digital presence across seven attributes. The study then reviewed 36 industry-leading B2B manufacturer websites against these attributes to produce a ranked list of companies demonstrating the most (and least) digital maturity.

Download a complimentary copy of the XConnect: A B2B Manufacturing Website Analysis to:

1. See the full list of B2B manufacturing companies who are (and aren’t) delivering excellent customer experiences. 

2. Find out which website attributes customers consider the most important by device.

3. Find out which qualities separate top quartile performers from lower quartile performers when it comes to delivering exceptional digital experiences. 

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