Total Economic Impact of Engaging Siteworx for Adobe Experience Manager

See hard data that quantitatively proves hiring Siteworx to implement the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) results in a positive ROI.

Siteworx and Adobe’s industry-leading digital marketing capabilities provide unmatched execution and results for our shared clients. In partnership with Adobe, Siteworx commissioned Forrester Inc. to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by engaging our respective services and solutions.

Based on a series of interviews with a current shared client, Forrester discovered:

  • Working with a full-spectrum digital agency with WCM service offerings can increase engagement efficiency
  • Without existing competency and technology supporting WCM, organizations may benefit from outsourcing instead of hiring and retaining several new skill sets
  • Tangible goals and metrics are vital when planning a new customer experience across web, mobile and social

While every digital experience engagement is unique, brands can use the data-driven methodology and results from this study to estimate the costs and potential benefits of engaging Siteworx to implement the Adobe Experience Manager platform.

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