Forrester Report:
 The Integration Imperative of Digital Experiences

What is the biggest challenge when creating seamless digital experiences? Hint: It's not technical.

Forrester The Integration Imperative Of Digital Experiences

Forrester surveyed over 100 digital experience (DX) professionals and surprisingly, they said their biggest challenge when creating seamless digital experiences wasn't technical - it was organizational! Siloed teams, practices, systems, budgets, and strategies seriously limit a company's digital potential, yet it is difficult to know where to start. We hope this Forrester report helps you take the first step.

In this December 2016 report you will learn how to:

  • Bridge digital experience silos using Forrester’s “Three Dimensions of Integration” model.
  • Shape an organization along three angles of operational excellence.
  • Unite diverse teams to a common vision with a living, flexible digital reference architecture.

No organization can (or will) rip out and replace its digital experience strategy, teams, or technology overnight. But if an organization has the discipline to practice what they preach and create a diverse, yet integrated digital experience team, both the organization and their clients will achieve digital mastery.

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