Create A B2B eCommerce Plan

That Wins Over Customers, Partners, And Colleagues

Building and running a successful B2B eCommerce business requires that digital business leaders define and prioritize key issues, allocate scarce resources, and avoid costly missteps.

Developing a B2B eCommerce business plan with the goal of growing your company’s revenue is as important as your original business plan. Garnering C-suite buy-in and operation support can be challenging, yet critical. Digital business leaders need to define and prioritize key issues, allocate scarce resources and avoid costly missteps. This report discusses how B2B companies create industry-leading experiences by addressing five strategic issues: performing effective customer segmentation, adopting proper differentiation, defining clear goals, allocating sufficient resources, and cultivating a culture of excellence.

In this Forrester report you will: 

  • Gain insight on defining objectives and standards to drive eCommerce excellence by setting category and product line goals, measurable KPIs and standards for hiring.
  • Learn that strategic planning begins with customer segmentation and differentiation to carve out differentiated market space.
  • Learn why strategic eCommerce planning needs the right people, processes and technologies in order to successfully be executed.

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