AARP engaged Siteworx to create a native, intuitive mobile application experience. 

AARP is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization with a membership that helps people 50+ have independence, choice and control in ways that are beneficial and affordable to them and society as a whole. AARP engaged Siteworx to create a native mobile application experience serving AARP membership by providing access to product and service discounts provided by AARP partners. Usage analytics have shown AARP members mobile usage growing in line with overall internet mobile usage trends. 

Key Takeaways
  • 400% increase in mobile traffic in 2 years
Technology & Services
  • Mobile User Experience Design
  • Native Mobile Application Development
  • Mobile Strategy Consulting

Our Approach

Using mobile design and development best practices, Siteworx developed a native application across multiple platforms and devices that allow AARP members the ability to intuitively search for partner products and services. This allows users to search using location based browsing that matches AARP membership discount benefits within an easily configurable range from a user’s location. We also had the design team work closely with the development team to ensure the experience matched our client’s expectations, from design comps to completion. We monitored live usability testing of the app, delivered a set of solutions to AARP to account for discoveries and updated the designs based on what we learned. 

Working Side-by-Side

Design & Development

Siteworx assembled a team of designers and developers to work side-by-side to deliver an innovative mobile application that is supported across multiple devices.  AARP’s new app presents thoughtful details in the user experience such as category filters that allow users to easily find discounts, whether it be travel, dining, shopping, entertainment, services, or health.


Creating a User-Friendly Experience

User Experience

The mobile application is aimed at creating a user-friendly, unified brand by using location-based services. Users can now check AARP Member Advantages to find if a discount or free coupon is available near their current location or a location of their choosing. Location-based deals include information, such as nearby addresses, directions, and phone numbers – while “liking” a deal will save it to your account for future access. 

The Impact

By focusing on being there for AARP Members no matter where they are, AARP has quadrupled mobile traffic. In just two years, AARP has grown their mobile traffic by over 400%. By leveraging a third party mobile services provider, AARP is now able to send push notifications to users to drive marketing campaign efforts and continuously highlight the value of the discount benefits of being an AARP Member for life. 


mobile traffic growth


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