We helped ACN implement a scalable commerce solution in four months.

ACN is the world's largest direct seller of telecommunications, energy and other essential services. ACN came to Siteworx looking for a way to capitalize on its rapidly growing wireless division, Flash Wireless, whose current legacy system was holding them back. They needed a solution that would help them launch new product lines, increase plan activations and support sales through new mobile channels - fast.

Key Takeaways
  • Revamped and launched North American site in 4 months
  • Over 70% improvement in website engagement
  • 25% increase in mobile and tablet traffic
  • Launched Puerto Rico commerce solution in 3 weeks
  • Won two 2016 Interactive Media Awards Best-in-Class awards
  • Horizon Interactive Awards Bronze Winner: eCommerce/Shopping
Technology & Services
  • SAP® Hybris® Commerce Solution
  • Telco Accelerator
  • B2C Commerce Accelerator
  • Hosting in Amazon Web Services

Our Approach

Given ACN's position in a highly competitive industry and their opportunity to gain significant market share, time-to-market was critical. We launch the SAP® Hybris® Commerce Solution and its Telco Accelerator in just four months – the fastest launch of SAP® Hybris® ever seen on the market.

We completely revamped the company's North America site, shop.flashwireless.com. We launched a responsive site with mobile and tablet accessibility and created a no-hassle customer purchasing process. The new platform also extensively streamlined the process of debuting future releases.

Build Fast Planning


This project started with a strategic planning session to identify and prioritize core business goals. Key stakeholders and Siteworx team members worked together to provide the project direction.


Focused Sprints

Agile Methodology

We worked in short, focused sprints to deliver tangible results within a few short weeks. Our lean and iterative appraoch allowed us to accelerate time-to-value while minimizing ACN's risk.

Growth & Optimization

Running Strong

ACN then tasked Siteworx with stategizing and launching their digital initiatives in Puerto Rico and Japan. Using our familiarity of their business objectives and our technical understanding of the SAP® Hybris® platform, we then successfully launched FlashWireless Puerto Rico website in just three weeks! In five months, we launched ACN's Benevita Japan site, an omni-channel experience that seamlessley integrates web and retail stores. The Benevita website offers consistent, personalized shopping experiences for their customers and, ultimately, positioned ACN for continued customer engagement and global expansion.

"Siteworx is helping us build customer loyalty and referrals in a way we couldn't on our own." Kevin MacDermott Chief Operating Officer at ACN

The Impact

Our work on ACN’s Flash Wireless North America and Puerto Rico websites netted over a 70%
improvement in website engagement, a 25% increase in mobile and tablet traffic and a marked
increase in plan activations. Furthermore, the shopping funnel conversion rate shot up to over 28% higher than the industry average. Additionally, by accelerating time-to-market, we dramatically minimized the risk and high costs traditionally associated with launching a new product in a new country for the first time.

Benevita Japan not only gave ACN access into a previously untapped market at record speed, it also allowed them to serve an unprecedented number of pre-enrolled Independent Business Owners (IBOs) and individual customers in Japan. Beyond IBO and customer sales growth, operational savings and quicker market roll-outs, ACN has also seen an overall increase in global presence and greater brand awareness.

IMA Award 2016 eCommerceIMA Award 2016 Telecommunications

Horizon Interactive Awards


Increase in Engagement


Increase in Mobile Traffic


Weeks for Puerto Rico Launch


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