The American Red Cross engaged Siteworx to centralize their intranet presence while allowing separate chapters to continue to manage localized content.

Founded in 1881, the American Red Cross is one of the nation’s premier humanitarian organizations dedicated to helping people in need throughout the United States. To reduce their costs and improve consistency of communication, the American Red Cross needed to centralize a siloed intranet infrastructure. Previously, individual chapters across the US maintained their own intranet sites and had no centralized method to receive updates from American Red Cross national headquarters. The Red Cross sought to consolidate its numerous intranet sites, which were built on a proprietary collaboration platform, onto the Adobe CQ5 platform. The intranet needed to meet the needs of all Red Cross employees, seamlessly direct users to appropriate content and encourage top-down and bottom-up communication within the organization.

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Key Takeaways
  • Reduced redundant and outdated content from 100,000 to 4,000
  • Migrated content onto Adobe CQ5 
Technology & Services
  • Content Strategy and Migration
  • Information Architecture
  • Front-End Development
  • Adobe CQ5 Development, Deployment and Training
  • Google Search Appliance Integration
  • Quality Assurance

Our Approach

After engaging a creative agency for design support, the American Red Cross turned to Siteworx for implementation. To start, Siteworx completed a gap analysis to identify any necessary requirements changes or design refinements and facilitate a smooth transition to development.

Siteworx provided the additional designs and moved quickly to template development in Adobe CQ5. To support high availability requirements, Siteworx configured the intranet platform as a clustered environment by providing a load balanced infrastructure which includes multiple author and dispatcher servers. These servers were configured to allow user generated content to be pushed from the dispatcher to the author to allow for content moderation.

Prioritizing Business Objectives

Strategy & Planning

Siteworx content strategists worked with the Red Cross to rationalize its more than 100,000 unique content assets and support migration to the new intranet platform. The team prioritized, reorganized and reformatted content and utilized Kapow software to migrate over 4,000 unique content assets into the Adobe CQ5 platform. By using Kapow instead of scripted or manual migration, Siteworx and the Red Cross were able to eliminate several weeks of time-consuming work, which allowed the project team to focus on higher value project tasks.


Customizing the Adobe Platform


Siteworx developers customized the Adobe platform to provide role- and location-based customization and to incorporate a social component which allows users to engage in multiple topic hubs and access localized information. A faceted search interface, powered by Google Search Appliance, allows users to find multiple pieces of information simultaneously, saving valuable time. Active directory integration provides centralized, secure access for the American Red Cross’ more than 70,000 users. 

Preparing and Training the Team


Siteworx trained over 25 Red Cross content authors and provided customized documentation on their Adobe CQ5 implementation. Additionally, Siteworx completed a comprehensive quality assurance phase utilizing face-to-face meetings supplemented by tools such as Contour and JIRA to ensure requirement traceability and open communication throughout the two-month testing phase. American Red Cross business and technical users always had full access to real-time progress reports.


The Impact

The new American Red Cross intranet, named “Exchange,” allows for centralized communication between headquarters and each of its US chapters while also allowing for localized content to be tailored for each chapter. The flexibility of the Adobe platform enabled Siteworx to adapt the intranet solution to perform with all the benefits of a social community but with the security that the American Red Cross required. American Red Cross employees can now share and manage documents, communicate knowledge and best practices, and share information in times of crisis, making them more efficient and responsive. The integrated search allows users to quickly find information.


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