We helped ASPS launch an elegantly designed website that marries form and function.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) is the world’s largest plastic surgery specialty organization. Its members include board-certified plastic surgeons who perform cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

ASPS is a leader in an industry powered by beauty. The ASPS board recognized the need for a robust, yet visually stunning website that aligned seamlessly with the brand. The organization engaged Siteworx to redesign its website and overhaul the information architecture to maximize conversion rates. 


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Key Takeaways
  • Create color concepts, color composites and wireframes. 
  • Complied design elements into a guide for ASPS’ in-house team.
  • Reconstructed site architecture from the ground up.
Technology & Services
  • Site Analysis
  • Information Architecture
  • Visual Design
  • Usability Testing

Our Approach 

In order to create a website that efficiently delivered useful information to its members in a sophisticated package, Siteworx first conducted research for the website and created functional specifications for the new user interface. Only after a thorough technical site analysis had been completed did Siteworx move into the design phase. This was ensure that the website would not be only beautiful, but also engineered to optimize conversions.

Creating A Thing of Beauty 


Based on website analysis findings, Siteworx created color concepts, color composites and wireframes. Siteworx also complied all of the site’s design elements into a guide for ASPS’ in-house team as they progressed through the Web development phase.



Marrying Form to Function


To ensure the site was not only beautiful, but also maximized consumer conversion rates, Siteworx simplified existing member and consumer information and created an easily navigable website design with numerous calls-to-action, greatly simplifying the process for consumers to find nearby doctors. 

To encourage additional conversions, information on member physician benefits, such as the ability to purchase items from the store, engage in forums and sign up for ASPS meetings, was added to the site.

The Impact

By crafting a site that is not only beautiful, but also engineered for maximizing conversion rates, Siteworx positioned ASPS to compete effectively against other consumer sites that provide plastic surgery information. The site, which provides information about cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, insurance coverage and awareness campaigns on issues ranging from lawn mower safety to medical tourism, serves as a beautiful, brand-affirming resource on plastic surgery.


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