We helped Citrix SaaS Division create brand consistency by centralizing multiple sites onto one unified platform. 

Serving nearly 230,000 organizations worldwide, the Citrix SaaS Division provides desktop virtualization, networking, cloud platforms, collaboration and data sharing with its cloud solutions for mobility. This division supports organizations of all sizes in attaining the speed and agility necessary to succeed in an evolving mobile world.


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Key Takeaways
  • Migrated, implemented and redeployed Citrix SaaS Division sites onto the Adobe Experience Manager WCM solution.
  • Enhanced and redeployed all of Citrix SaaS Division’s content.
  • Collaborated with Citrix SaaS Division content developers to help them connect every touchpoint in the customer journey. 
  • Integrated Brightedge with WCM solution to help authors manage SEO.
Technology & Services
  • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)
  • Brightedge
  • Content Architecture DocumentTM (CAD)

Our Approach

When Citrix SaaS Division first engaged Siteworx, its existing web presence included multiple sub-sites for each brand identity. Citrix SaaS Division needed both a scalable architecture that could accommodate new products and websites, as well as optimized content for consumption across multiple devices. 

To ensure the highest return on their technology investments, Siteworx worked with Citrix SaaS Division to perform an in-depth WCM analysis and determined that Adobe Experience Manager would offer not only a smooth transition, but also several features to enhance content.

Many Sites, One Platform


Siteworx migrated, implemented and redeployed the brand’s sub-sites onto the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) web content management (WCM) solution. This consolidation of web assets enabled the Citrix SaaS Division to seamlessly merge multiple sites in multiple languages onto one central platform.


Increasing Speed-to-Market


The implementation of AEM gave Citrix the ability to update their websites with timely and relevant content, since content authors no longer had to rely on IT staff of resources to publish. 

Creating a Seamless User Experience


After migrating Citrix SaaS Division to the Adobe Experience Manager WCM solution, Siteworx ensured brand consistency by streamlining the landing page templates and building brand specifications directly into component templates. Lastly, Siteworx created a Content Architecture DocumentTM (CAD) to serve as a playbook for the HTML on the site. 


Maximizing Conversion Rates


Siteworx worked closely with content developers at Citrix SaaS Division to help them own and connect every touch point along the customer journey and map content to channel- and market segment-specific goals in order to cultivate greater immersion with the brand and ultimately trigger higher conversion rates.

"Siteworx’ experience with Adobe CO (now Adobe Experience Manager WCM solution) and deep understanding of Citrix SaaS Division’s CO platform and supporting infrastructure helped us make this transition seamless for our customers as our team ramped up on the new platform." Katie Davis VP of Web and eCommerce, Citrix

The Impact

In addition to creating a far more unified digital brand, the Citrix SaaS Division is also armed to with the tools to respond to customer needs and drive leads quickly with ready-made templates. Now web managers and brand managers alike can rest assured that when the new element is created, it will be unified across all of the Citrix SaaS Division sub-brands.


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