We helped reduce server-side costs by $100,000 in three months and increase site efficiency.

Red Heart Yarn (RedHeart.com) has been America’s most trusted brands for knitters and crocheters for over 80 years. The company was named America’s Most Recommended Yarn Brand by Women's Choice Award and has an international legion of fans across both North and South America. Red Heart is part of the Coats brand, which is the world’s leading industrial thread manufacturer and a major player in the Americas textiles crafts market. Recognizing the need for a long term partner with hands-on experience creating operational strategies that proactively anticipate technical issues and efficiently resolve existing problems, Red Heart reached out to Siteworx for guidance on creating and implementing Development Operations best practices.

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  • Reduced hardware server-side costs by $100,000 in three months.
  • Designed a deployment and GIT flow strategy; both processes are still utilized by Coats IT team.
  • Migrated from legacy datacenter to a new datacenter in Microsoft Azure.
  • Implemented continuous delivery automation system.
  • Made organizational recommendations to improve team productivity. 
Technology & Services
  • SAP Hybris
  • Microsoft Azure
  • SOLR
  • Akamai

Our Approach

With two separate sites, an English site caters to North American audiences, and a Spanish site that is tailored to Mexico and South America, Red Heart was struggling to prioritize the needs of two different sites. Furthermore, the company’s IT team was burdened with the high cost of maintaining an array of hardware investments that previous partners had implemented without providing adequate training on how to fully utilize the tools.

Taking an inside out approach, Siteworx’ first worked with Red Heart’s internal IT team to enhance efficiency through a team reorganization. Then to simplify the migration process, we reduced the amount of extraneous hardware to create a more streamlined work environment and cut down on maintenance costs. 

Building an IT Dream Team


Prior to kicking off an Azure migration, Siteworx conducted an assessment of the IT team and delivered recommendations on how to reorganize the IT team to better utilize each person’s skill set. Siteworx also provided an SAP Hybris expert to manage the code writing process and implement best practices for launching requested features in a Hybris environment.


Taking it to the Cloud


With a stronger, more efficient IT team in place, Siteworx then led the implementation of built-in automation and provided the requirements for a successful Azure migration. Once the datacenters and servers were created, Siteworx then directed the migration to the new datacenter on Microsoft Azure and ensured that the Hybris platform was properly configured. 

The Impact

Siteworx consultative approach and suite of Managed Services not only enabled Red Heart to complete their Azure migration, but also significantly reduced the costs of maintenance by eliminating redundant hardware and educating the Red Heart team on how to optimize the use of each tool. In the first three months alone, Red Heart saw a savings of $100,000 in hardware costs. Furthermore, the internal team was now equipped with knowledge of migration best practices and processes that streamlined issue resolution and the launch of new projects. Case in point: the practices and processes that Siteworx put in place at Red Heart are still in place today. Moreover, Coats, the parent brand, has engaged Siteworx for additional work.



saved in 3 months


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