How we helped Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc. reduce costs with a streamlined asset management process.

Dick’s Sporting Goods operates 566 locations across the United States, serving and inspiring athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.  They offer products through a content-rich, omni-channel Commerce platform.  Dick’s sought a creative partner to develop and implement a corporate-wide digital asset management (DAM) system that would store digital assets used for advertising, commerce, visual merchandising and product development functional areas. The DAM system also needed to serve as the centralized repository for all of Dick’s corporate users to manage assets and integrate with several existing systems.

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Key Takeaways
  • Defined processes and integration
  • Implemented and migrated assets onto ADAM Software’s DAM system
  • Reduced costs for image production
  • Improved internal asset management process
Technology & Services
  • Strategy and Implementation
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • ADAM Software’s DAM platform
  • Integration with Adobe Creative Suite, Bridge and Drive

Our Approach

Siteworx worked with Dick’s to define the processes and integration requirements for the project. This enabled the Siteworx team to migrate Dick’s assets onto ADAM Software’s digital asset management platform in two phases: design and implementation. Our goals of this implementation were to automate asset versioning and publishing, leverage analytical models to determine sales effectiveness of images, integrate with DICK’S internal systems and allow the creating of extensive metadata/attributes for photography XMP parameters, rights management and usage tracking.

Defining Workflows and Requirements


During the first phase of the project, Siteworx interviewed key stakeholders and users of the new ADAM DAM solution to determine the workflows and asset management requirements across the marketing, eCommerce and merchandising groups. These interviews helped Siteworx craft the initial requirements for ADAM Software implementation, including drafts of the metadata, taxonomy and required workflows. Siteworx then reviewed the initial requirements and provided guidance on recommended revisions to support the implementation. 


Combining Technologies to Deliver Great Content

Implementation & Migration

Based on the requirements defined during the design phase, Siteworx integrated the ADAM DAM software with Adobe Creative Suite using the Adobe Creative Suite Connector. The integration provides Dick’s with access to the ADAM software repository from within the Creative Suite environment and provides search, workflow management, placement, metadata capture and metadata editing from within Adobe Bridge, Photoshop and InDesign.

The Impact

Siteworx helped Dick’s Sporting Goods accelerate their omni-channel campaign management by streamlining processes and reducing costs.  Siteworx put in place several workflows for adding and managing images with complex permissions. The new workflows allow for several ingestion procedures that automatically process image files of various types (JPG, PNG, TIFF, EPS, etc.) based on a file-naming convention or through an associated spreadsheet of metadata.

Siteworx helped DICK’S reduce costs for image production by providing product teams the ability to easily create image variations. For example, DICK’S can now upload a high-resolution “master” asset and have multiple alternatives automatically created, such as a smaller, high-resolution print version and multiple low-resolution screen versions for use across various device categories.


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