We helped integrate content and commerce on FisherSci.com, which generates over $1 billion in annual revenue.

Fisher Scientific is a leading supplier of laboratory equipment and services in over 50 countries. Fisher Scientific came to Siteworx to migrate, design and launch a new ecommerce website that seamlessly integrated their marketing content with product pages, and train their internal teams on Adobe Experience Management and SAP Hybris best practices.

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Key Takeaways
  • 1.8 million products mapped
Technology & Services
  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • SAP Hybris

Our Approach

Before approaching Siteworx, the Fisher Scientific team launched a beta site to get initial customer feedback. FisherSci.com offers nearly 2 million products and generates over $1 billion in annual revenue, so the results of their soft launch were extremely disheartening - only 2% of their customers ended up using the new catalog. In fact, many turned to Fisher Scientific’s 2,500 page print catalog, which lists only 10% of the products on the website and published every few years. It was clear that a radically different approach was needed to improve product findability and streamline the site’s user experience.

This was where Siteworx stepped in to help Fisher Scientific develop a strategic vision and strengthen their eCommerce platform.

Building a Foundation for Growth


Based on a systems analysis and using our Experience By Design methodology, we quickly migrated FisherSci.com onto Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and SAP Hybris for more efficient content management.


Mapping Customer Journeys


With 1.8 million products in over 6500 categories, Fisher Scientific’s product sections were complex mazes of dense information. To resolve this problem, Siteworx conducted a series of usability tests with Fisher Scientific’s customers. After testing their existing product taxonomy against two other options, data indicated that customers strongly preferred categorizing products by product type rather than by market, brand or type of experiment the product is used.

Integrating Content & Commerce


To create a more cohesive and content-rich experience, Siteworx created templates that featured relevant marketing information while still focusing on meeting the primary navigation needs of customers. Siteworx worked with Fisher Scientific to keep core shopping pages focused on the main customer tasks of product navigation and selection, while seamlessly inserting marketing information only where it was contextually relevant and useful.


Creating a Unified Brand Experience


To maintain a cohesive brand across all web assets, Siteworx created a robust Pattern Library of user interface components and visual styles. To this day, this living library is still used by Fisher Scientific as a “source of truth” for all web styles, and serves as a key reference for their global sites and future site enhancements.

Being Everywhere, All the Time


We designed a visually pleasing yet responsive site that displays across desktop, tablet and smartphone devices to make browsing through Fisher Scientific’s immense product catalog a pleasurable user experience no matter where you are.

"By utilizing the full spectrum of Siteworx' content and commerce expertise, Fisher Scientific revitalized their eCommerce presence. The new experience successfully converts users from the print catalog to the digital catalog, thus giving Fisher Scientific greater insight into the buying process and more opportunities to market add-on products and services." Keith Dezern Client Partner at Siteworx

The Impact

Siteworx’ solutions transformed FisherSci.com into an example of what a B2B manufacturing company can accomplish when equipped with a strong digital experience. The new responsive site supports desktop and mobile devices, yet operates through a single code base and content repository, which streamlines management and maintenance costs. Furthermore, the seamless merging of content and commerce allows FisherSci.com to deliver a more unified customer experience. By striking a delicate balance between customer needs and the demands of selling, Fisher Scientific has set itself apart as a B2B manufacturer capable of delivering a superior B2C-like customer experience.


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