We helped Kennametal optimize site performance and improve scalability.

Kennametal is a supplier of tooling and industrial materials. Kennametal came to Siteworx looking for a way to boost the performance of their existing website and reduce the number of 404 errors that resulted during site searches. While the current site was running adequately, they wanted to deliver a better, more reliable experience to their customers.

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Key Takeaways
  • Improved response time by 50%
  • Enabled support of 30% more requests per minute
  • Reduced 404 errors during site searches
  • Restored access to Intellectual Property
  • Enabled access to server diagnostics
Technology & Services
  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • Hosting in Amazon Web Services
  • Infrastructure Migration
  • Performance Testing & Optimization
  • Adobe Analytics

Our Approach

In our initial evaluation, we learned that Kennametal's previous partner was hosting their site on a shared platform. This arrangement not only rendered Kennametal unable to access their own intellectual property (IP) but resulted in a serious lag in site performance.

Given Kennametal's need to deliver reliable, secure and seamless experiences to their customers, we used our Run Strong solution to help Kennametal optimize their site performance and improve scalability.

Analyzing the Systems


We migrated the existing web content mangement systems, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Endeca pre-production and production environments, onto our Amazon Web Services (AWS) server.


Performance & Testing


Once the site was on an independent platform, we used our Performance Testing & Optimization tools to make their site faster, more reliable, more secure and easier to maintain.

"By working with Siteworx, we have dramatically reduced response times, providing us significant advantage in our marketing efforts." Chris Laufer Senior Web Analyst of Marketing Technology at Kennametal

The Impact

Our solutions drastically improved Kennametal's user experience. Moving their hosting to the cloud led to a 50% improvement  in response time and enabled the support of 30% more requests per minute. Testing, optimizing and integrating the company's existing infrastructures with AWS drastically reduced the presence of errors during the site searches.


Improvement in response times


More requests handled per minute


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