We helped NBTY Inc. drive an additional $3 million in revenue with an improved checkout process.

NBTY Inc. (currently The Nature’s Bounty Co.) manufactures over 1,400 high quality vitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutritional supplements in state-of-the-art facilities throughout the United States. NBTY engaged Siteworx, a Tealeaf certified-partner, to perform a full Tealeaf implementation with custom configurations, product training and to help the company optimize their use of the platform.

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Key Takeaways
  • Implemented customized Tealeaf customer experience management (CEM) solution.
  • Performed product analysis to identify unusually high rate of checkout errors.
  • Recommended specific areas of improvement to drive ~$1 million in additional website conversions.
  • Built custom reports and dashboards to diagnose performance, website traffic and errors.
  • Trained IT administrators and business users on the installed modules.
Technology & Services
  • Tealeaf cxImpact
  • Tealeaf cxView
  • Product Analysis
  • Custom Application Development

Our Approach

Not only did Siteworx implement Tealeaf itself, the platform was customized with specific modules. Following a successful launch, Siteworx then conducted a thorough analysis of the checkout process for Puritan.com, an NBTY brand, utilizing the newly installed Tealeaf customer experience management tools. The findings were compiled into a comprehensive Customer Experience Report. Ultimately, Siteworx’ analysis revealed over $3 million in lost revenue in the checkout process alone.


Crafting a Customized Platform


Beyond simply implementing Tealeaf, Siteworx installed and validated specific Tealeaf modules and customizations to create platform tailored to Puritan.com's needs.


Perfecting the Checkout Process


As a result of the analysis, Siteworx discovered that nearly three percent— almost $3.25 million worth—of checkout failures was the result of invalid gift card or coupon codes. Specifically, Puritan.com visitors were not aware that all gift card and coupon codes were case-sensitive, an ambiguity resulted in high levels of customer dissatisfaction and cart abandonment.

Streamlining Business Operations


Siteworx led training sessions and best practice consultations with NBTY’s IT and business teams. Hands-on training was conducted within the custom Tealeaf environment in order to help NBTY gain familiarity with Tealeaf’s custom analytics functions.


The Impact

Siteworx’ analysis determined that by implementing simple, targeted improvements to the gift card and coupon form in the checkout process, NBTY could potentially recoup a portion of the revenue lost due to cart abandonment. With an average conversion rate of 25%, the recovered revenue could approach almost $1 million annually. To minimize future cart abandonment, Siteworx also crafted custom reports and dashboards to help the company identify specific causes of checkout process failure right away. 

$3.25 million

in losses identified

$1 million

in recovered annual revenue


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