How we helped Sears streamline their commerce promotions process.

Sears Holding Corporation, parent of Kmart and Sears Roebuck and Co., is the nation’s fourth largest broadline retailer. Sears came to Siteworx looking for a way to streamline the creation and publishing of advertising for its fast growing commerce presence. Their legacy system was rooted in manual processes that created a significant lag when publishing new promotions. They needed a solution that would streamline the process and allow all users to create and publish content quickly.

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Key Takeaways
  • Improved page load times by over 30%
  • Costs and time-to-market reduced by 80%
  • Increased accessibility for all users
  • Reduced advertising time-to-market from 3 weeks to 3 days
  • Improved SEO by eliminating JavaScript inclusion of content
Technology & Services
  • Adobe CQ5 Platform Integration
  • Front-End Development
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Experience Design

Our Approach

Sears‘ online sales had grown by 19% in the third quarter of 2011, so a rapid-timeto-market to capitalize on the growth was key. We developed a custom solution using the Promotion Management System on Adobe CQ5 that was distinctly focused on making content creation and publishing easier for all users, no matter their technical skills.

Intuitive and User-friendly Interface

User Experience

To deliver a user-friendly experience, we created user and role-specific dashboards. We also created a bank of pre-approved creative assets for users to leverage when creating their own ads.


Real-Time Pricing and Inventory


We implemented back-end systems for product information management (PIM) and digital asset management (DAM) for real-time access to accurate pricing and inventory.

The Impact

The new system directly impacted Sears’ ability to generate and capture revenue. New processes reduced the timeline for creating and publishing promotions from three weeks to three days – an 80% improvement. SEO improved, and the optimized system accelerated page load times by over 30%, leading to higher potential for revenue generation.


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