How we streamlined Time Warner Cable’s online presence without sacrificing individual brand identities. 

Time Warner Cable Inc. is among the largest providers of video, highspeed data and voice services in the United States, connecting more than 15 million customers to entertainment, information and each other. Time Warner Cable engaged Siteworx to streamline their online presence by combining separate web entities under a single portal without sacrificing their individual identities. 

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Key Takeaways
  • Enhanced user experience 
  • Updated visual brand style 
  • Improved effectiveness of overall content voice and tone 
  • Improved organization and unity among disparate brand entities 
  • Streamlined process for customer education and purchasing 
  • Enhanced customer self-service capabilities
Technology & Services
  • Web Strategy 
  •  Content Strategy 
  • Site Architecture and Visual Design 
  • Prototyping & Front-End Development 
  •  Preparation for Adobe CQ5 Integration 
  •  Quality Assurance

Our Approach

Throughout the redesign process, Siteworx leaders from multiple disciplines engaged in every phase, ensuring a holistic approach. In doing so, user experience was greatly enhanced through the increase of more consistent content, while also improving visual aesthetics and the seamless application of advanced content management technology.

Establishing a Unified Content Strategy


The first project deliverable was a unified content strategy. Siteworx’ content strategists analyzed TWC’s current content, which helped determine the overall voice and tone of TWC’s websites. Content prioritization helped determine which segments were most important to display on their new websites. By identifying the overall brand message, TWC was able to apply a consistent voice–more educational, less promotional–across all its web properties.


Developing A Seamless Experience


Once the content strategy was established, Siteworx developed a comprehensive web strategy that aligned numerous stakeholder audiences and compiled a design and technology road map for implementation. Siteworx helped unify the separate brand entities under the TWC brand umbrella by creating gateway experiences that utilized a single URL. Customers can now select among the various TWC brands, facilitating cross promotion of different service offerings

Preparation for Integration and Back-End Development

Front-End Development

In addition, Siteworx’ front-end team managed the development of TWC’s website redesign. By utilizing HTML5 and CSS3, as well as Ajax and JavaScript, Siteworx was able to prepare TWC for a successful Adobe CQ5 integration and back-end development. Prototypes and wireframes were presented to TWC to allow for any necessary adjustments to be made. Furthermore, these prototypes provided TWC the necessary visuals before the back-end web content management (WCM) development began.


The Impact

Time Warner Cable achieved a sleek, modern site that enhances the user experience, improves customer self-service capabilities, and streamlines customer education and buying processes. We were able to improve the effectiveness of the overall content voice and tone, while also improving organization and unity among the disparate brand entities. 


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