The United Nations Development Programme sought help from Siteworx to upgrade their Adobe platform and enhance workflow performance optimization.

On the ground in more than 177 countries, the UNDP is more than just an organization that provides care for developing countries. They work with member countries to develop solutions to their problems.

After struggling for over five months with their Adobe CQ environment, the UNDP sought help from Siteworx to upgrade their core software from CQ5.3 to CQ5.4.

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Key Takeaways
  • Installed Adobe CQ5.4
  • Optimized the environment and code base
  • Improved usability with a faster site and rich media capabilities
Technology & Services
  • Adobe CQ Software Development
  • Enhanced Workflow Performance Optimization

Our Approach

With the upgrade already a year behind, there was tremendous pressure to move forward, since the UNDP was on track to roll out the new platform organization-wide. The UNDP also wanted to make sure the environment was coded properly and in a way that provided a strong foundation going forward.  Another feature the UNDP desired was video. By integrating video into their workflow, the UNDP could maximize their new site’s potential.

Implementation and Rapid Response


The type of performance upgrades that UNDP required generally take over two months to perform. Siteworx was able to complete the upgrade in just five weeks. Originally, Siteworx was brought in to help with the upgrade of CQ and resolve persistent performance problems with the implementation. After looking at the UNDP’s code and how they were set up on Amazon Cloud, the operation involved implementing a clean install of CQ5.4 and replicating the content from the original CQ5.3 instance to the upgraded CQ5.4 instance. Siteworx made the necessary changes with the new CQ5.4 install base, along with uploading performance-optimized code.


Enhancing Workflow and Performance


By optimizing the environment and code base, UNDP was able to significantly improve performance while adhering to best user experience (UX) practices. Siteworx also improved the workflows between their digital asset management (DAM) and authoring engine and eliminated redundant workflows. The more streamlined configuration saves the UNDP time and improves usability for their internal users. Siteworx also moved the UNDP to a RAID 0 configuration at Amazon’s Cloud deployment to improve performance and scalability.

"All of the changes to the workflow are relatively new, but we anticipate major savings as a result of them. Anything that helps usability improves the chances of success of the project, since usability is so important to internal users.  The system is very similar to our old one, the major change is that it is significantly faster and we now have video capabilities." Mark Cardwell Chief of Online Communications, UNDP

The Impact

The UNDP’s new system improves usability with a faster site and rich media capabilities.  Siteworx is continuously helping the UNDP to make changes and fixes to the new CQ5.4 instance, providing the UNDP with an enhanced site and authoring experience to be able to roll out the Adobe CQ platform across the globe.


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