How we improved web design to increase user engagement for UnitedHealthcare. 

UnitedHealthcare operates a division of the largest health insurance provider in the United States, and provides Medicare benefits through AARP.  UnitedHealthcare and AARP joined forces to introduce a range of insurance products and services to AARP members. Marketed through direct mail and e-mail tactics, the joint venture created a sophisticated web presence to anchor their campaign.

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Key Takeaways
  • Migrated UnitedHealthcare’s AARP site to Adobe Day CQ5
  • Improved user experience and interactive online product selection tools
  • Increased business users’ productivity and efficiencies
Technology & Services
  • Adobe CQ5 Development
  • Front-End Development
  • Technical Design
  • Quality Assurance

Our Approach

UnitedHealthcare looked to updated their WCM system and selected Adobe CQ5 due to its ease of use and the ease with which it allows marketers to quickly change and update campaigns.  The key objectives of the engagement were to build on the existing website, to enhance the user experience, and to provide health coverage resources and tools that support product education and decision-making.

Increase awareness of products, services and discounts

Front-End Development

On the front-end, Siteworx developed a simple, intuitive interface which significantly improved AARP members’ ability to find information related to UnitedHealthcare’s specific offerings.


Enhancing User Experience


Working within an aggressive timeline – including strict requirements for Federal government review of key pages – Siteworx successfully transitioned the site to Adobe CQ5 while integrating a number of enhancements, all before the open enrollment period that began in the fall. The new site has significantly enhanced customer engagement through user-centered design, navigation and anonymous personalization.

The Impact

The new website created immediate benefits to both AARP members and UnitedHealthcare. Easy-to-find product pages resulted in a double-digit increase in page views. In addition, UnitedHealthcare saw substantial improvements in the number of people who used their interactive product finder tools on the site. This impressive growth was attributable to the more intuitive site design and well-developed referral paths. 


increase in product page views


increase in completed Health Insurance Product Finder Tool sessions


increase in completed Vision Savings Calculator Tool sessions


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